The directors of International Desk Ltd are becoming of age.

21 years in the language business!!!!

The beginning.
In 1989 Emanuela Cooper and Richard Cooper set up their first language agency: 'Allo Language Services Ltd. providing translations and interpreting from and into 20 languages. Their first client was a Nottingham-born fashion designer who is now recognised as one of the world's most brilliant fashion creators and with whose company they still work closely, twenty one years on.

Over the next seven years their clients' base grew and so did the selection of languages they offered, providing translations and interpreters in over 45 languages.

Serving the legal profession, the Magistrates' Courts in the East Midland's region and, on occasions, the Crown Court in Nottingham, they built a lot of experience in the legal field.

Technical and Scientific
They provided technical translations to many manufacturing companies in the region, mining consultants, the leading aircraft engine manufacturer, engineering firms, scientific researchers and water supply companies adding more languages, more skills and more names to their list of satisfied clients.

Pharmaceutical and Medical
In 1995, today's directors of International Desk Ltd. started a working relationship with ClinPhone Ltd., a Nottingham-based company that had developed an ingenious new way to manage clinical trials through a system of Interactive Voice Response (IVRS).

The result was a huge growth in the number of languages provided. Translations of medical and clinical trials materials were carried out in over 70 languages and included languages from China, Japan, Thailand, the Indian Subcontinent, the Philippines and many more.

Coupled with translations, today's directors of International Desk Ltd. provided ClinPhone with mother-tongue voice-over linguists for those 70 languages, who recorded the clinical trials scripts from ClinPhone's Nottingham premises.

Multilingual Call Centre
In the year 2000 they organized the first multi-lingual call centre, whose aim was to raise the compliance of patients within clinical trials. A group of dedicated callers, all mother-tongue speakers of 10 different languages, worked daily keeping contact with those clinical trials' participants who had forgotten to report their daily results.
The patients' compliance rose hugely, saving time and money to the 3 pharmaceutical companies who were using this service, thus helping to make a success of their clinical trials.

The commitment and dedication of the directors of International Desk Ltd. (then Directors of 'Allo Language Services Ltd.) won them two regional awards from the Chamber of Commerce in 1999 and 2001 for the support given to their clients' expansion.

The Buy-Out
In 2002, after 7 years of ever closer co-operation, 'Allo Language Services Ltd. was bought by ClinPhone Ltd., by then one of the world's leaders for Interactive Voice Response System, and absorbed into the larger company. Emanuela and Richard worked in-house for over one year, then went back to working independently.

International Desk Ltd
In 2003 International Desk Ltd. was born, already mature from the vast experience gained in 15 years working in the language world.

International Desk Ltd has built long-lasting work relationships, based on trust, reliability and mutual co-operation with their clients.

International Desk Ltd maintains excellent rapports with their professional translators, who will go that extra length to accommodate their clients' needs.

International Desk Ltd has built a solid reputation for quality, reliability, value for money and speed of response.

International Desk Ltd. Company registration number: 4438463. Directors: Emanuela Cooper, Richard Cooper